Sandals VRTT: Unique Products Identity Brand

Sandals VRTT: Turning urban development construction work into unique products that have a meaning

Sandals and bracelets are handmade with bobby tiny cord twisted into a host of colours and designs created by the local community artisans to reflect community colours, stories, personalities, designs and development works. For instance, the picture attached shows a sandal model baptised Rachelle. It is based from the colours of her house fixed and painted, and also reflected her view about a beautiful and a comfortable sandal. She selected blue for her house because this colour, from her view, means stability, simplicity and also hope. Rachelle was also the first female painter volunteer for the VRTT project.

Why the sandals are unique and special?

  • The colours of the collection are uniquely inspired by some of the painted walls of the community.

  • The production have increased the income of 15 local artisans to 30%, during six months of limited strategy of marketing ( with no official public launching).

  • The demand chain in the prototype test has increased to 25 % only in the canadian haitian diaspora community.

  • Every product represents a small piece of Port-au-Prince, a strong community process, and unique live artwork

  • 20 % of every sale go to social improvement of the community

    Cocread’s approach as an incubator is to establish partnership and relationship to entrepreneurs through accountability and avoid considering small business owners as passive beneficiaries.


What has be done so far?

In a previous prototype phase during six (6) months, our intervention mainly consisted on reducing the running cost of sandals and bracelets production to 30 % by:

  • Providing a sanding machine and a sewing machine in the workshop, which allow 7 micro- entrepreneurs to improve the standardization of the products and reduce the transportation cost to 15 % for 12 sandals.

  • This machinery system represents basic business infrastructures, which help focus more on productivity and improve product quality.

    Consequently, the micro-entrepreneurs compensated the purchase of the machines, in kind, by providing good quality products, without any interest rates. As a result of this intervention for instance, they sold more sandals, and with the same unit price in local market, they recovered the 15 % of the transportation cost; which explain how their revenue increase to 30 % in three (3) months.

  • Providing them seed capital to purchase raw materials for production in bulk. This strategy allows dropping the running cost to 5 % and increasing the productivity time and new sandal models for instance.


Way forward

Operating from an incubator’s perspective, Cocread pursues five (5) main ambitious objectives with regards to the revenue increased for the micro-entrepreneurs in Villarosa:

  • Develop and launch an interactive software, with 3D features, which allow online customers to purchase personalized products using the set of colours of the communities in man proposed models

  • Improve product standardization for market validation process by providing data, knowledge, machinery, traffic, seed capital for gross raw material purchase;

  • Increase productivity and competitiveness of products in Haitian market and prepare to extend for global and online market by reducing running cost to 40 % in 4 months, designing strong and smart marketing campaign, and increasing working capital from 7 to 21 micro-entrepreneurs;

  • Increase the revenue of 21 micro-entrepreneurs to 335 % in 8 months;

  • Decrease the unit price of the sandals from 20 USD to 10 USD, and reinvest 20% out of the benefit in livability and infrastructure improvement;

  • Increase working force motivation by providing substantial support / daily fees to 21 micro- entrepreneurs.


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