Cocread is a two-year Haitian startup that is creating the first startup city for micro-entrepreneurs in the world; The equivalent of Silicon Valley for small businesses around the globe. It aims to change ghettos into tourist attraction sites and entrepreneurs hub through Technology and Art.



Cocread’s mission is to boost entrepreneurship and improve resilience in disaster-prone area and slum neighbourhoods, using art and technology. Since Socio-vulnerability and disasters continue to undermine efforts and consistency of million of entrepreneurs, to escape from subsistence economy and deprivation, We are committed to address the sustainable economy of micro-entrepreneurs and operating as an incubator.


We believe that:

  • Boosting entrepreneurship from the bottom-up is the strongest alternative to create and to engage Haitian middle-class

  • Stimulating local innovation and entrepreneurship in disadvantaged neighbourhoods with and for local leaders is the strongest alternative option to tackle severe poverty, unemployment and increase social impact

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship could initiate another development mindset which focuses more on opportunities instead of barriers, and turns local leaders into social entrepreneurs investing in their communities

  • Technology has to power to provoke behavioural change for effective civic engagement

  • Only a creative problem-solving process can engage and stimulate people living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods  in Haiti to be effective power player for social change

  • Diversity is the best way to approach a social problem

  • Discovery mindset team is the strongest weapon to provoke collective innovation

  • Social justice and gender equity should be the core foundation of a balanced and healthy community

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