Cocread works to build sustainable communities with art and advanced technology. It’s committed to addressing the sustainable economy of micro-entrepreneurs in a disaster-prone area and support collective effort to escape from deprivation. Art and technology have to power to stimulate creativeness and engage people in a constant and vibrant dialogue for the benefit of many disadvantaged leaders.


We believe that:

  • Boosting entrepreneurship from the bottom-up is the strongest alternative to create and to engage Haitian middle-class
  • Stimulating local innovation and entrepreneurship in disadvantaged neighborhoods with and for local leaders is the strongest alternative option to tackle severe poverty, unemployment and increase social impact
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship could initiate another development mindset which focuses more on opportunities instead of barriers, and turns local leaders into social entrepreneurs investing in their communities
  • Technology has to power to provoke behavioral change for effective civic engagement
  • Only a creative problem-solving process can engage and stimulate people living in disadvantaged neighborhoods  in Haiti to be effective power player for social change
  • Diversity is the best way to approach a social problem
  • Discovery mindset team is the strongest weapon to provoke collective innovation
  • Social justice and gender equity should be the core foundation of a balanced and healthy community